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Canadian cannabis farm looking for volunteer product testers

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New Brunswick’s Greenherb Farms is seeking volunteers for weed consumption, cultivation and processing research.

A family cannabis farm on the Acadian coast of New Brunswick is looking for volunteers from across Canada or abroad to participate in cannabis research.

Focused on sun-grown cannabis cultivation and solventless processing, Greenherb Farms is hoping to refine its cultivar selection and growing processes with the input of legal-age cannabis samplers.

Greg Claroni, general manager and media coordinator for Greenherb Farms, recently told Huddle that the company is growing 60 different cultivars for research purposes, including focusing on growing techniques, processing methods and consumer preferences.


Cannabis tourism: how a new travel trend is taking off



Legal cannabis consumption rose in the US and Europe during the COVID pandemic, with some people turning to marijuana to help them cope with lockdowns and broken routines. Meanwhile, fewer people today view the drug as harmful compared to previous decades.

These factors may have contributed to a trend towards cannabis-related tourism, with destinations developing new holiday products to tempt customers, and rising travel bookings to destinations where cannabis is legal. But there are risks for both destinations and tourists in embracing this trend.


Canadian MMA fighter Elias Theodorou joins GAME DAY cannabis

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Theodorou is the first professional athlete to receive a Therapeutic Use Exemption for cannabis in North America.\

The first professional athlete to receive a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for cannabis in North America is the latest athlete to sign with GAME DAY, an athlete-focused cannabis company.

After a five-year career with the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), including winning The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia, Elias Theodoro continues to train and fight professionally.

The veteran MMA fighter uses cannabis to treat bilateral neuropathy, a condition that ‚Äúfeels like constant stingers and radiating heat.‚ÄĚ


Tips for growing cannabis at home from Pure Sunfarms' Rob Baldwin


Seed selection and planting location can play a big role in your plant's success, but it's the last few weeks when things get tricky

Planting season is upon us. And unless you live in Quebec or in Manitoba, cannabis might be among your seasonal crops.

Rob Baldwin, the vice president of cultivation and greenhouse operations at B.C.-based Pure Sunfarms recently spoke with The GrowthOp about the best practices for backyard and balcony gardeners.

At Sunfarms, Baldwin oversees the production of about 120 metric tonnes of cannabis annually. The company harvests every day.

Beyond the rotation of top-selling cultivars like Pink Kush, Death Bubba and Jet Fuel Gelato, Sunfarms also uses its genetics for white-labelling and growing for other brands, like Cookies.


Canada’s No. 1 cannabis conference & trade show is coming to Toronto


On the hunt for expert insight regarding cannabis use? Well then we‚Äôve got the event for you! The Lift&Co. Expo, which is Canada‚Äôs number one cannabis conference and trade show, is coming to Toronto! Whether you‚Äôre looking for products, services, industry innovation, expert insight or just a day full of exploration, you‚Äôre not going to want to miss this show.¬†Toronto‚Äės event scene just got bigger.


5 Unique Mother’s Day cannabis gifts based on mom’s love language


There are many new and fun ways to spoil mom this year. Take it to the next level this time around by considering what will make them feel most loved.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and it’s time to show them just how much they mean to us. Moms, maternal figures, and caregivers give us so much of their time and energy year and after, it’s only deserving that this Mother’s Day is extra special.   

Instead of gifting them another Starbucks gift card or redeem-me-never coupon for chores around the house, consider what kind of gift would make your mom feel loved. One way to do this is to know their love language.


Jim Belushi is headed to B.C. to headline a cannabis conference

Jim Belushi


Actor-turned-cannabis farmer will "discuss the passions that spurred his entry into cannabis."

Jim Belushi will be heading north to attend the Victoria, B.C. edition of Grow Up Conference and Expo this June.

The 67-year-old actor is the founder of Belushi‚Äôs Farm ‚ÄĒ a sprawling 93 acres along the Rogue River in Oregon where Belushi spends much of his time after reportedly¬†selling his Los Angeles¬†mansion for about $38 million late last year.

Belushi‚Äôs current series,¬†Growing Belushi, which airs on Discovery, brings viewers into ‚ÄúJim‚Äôs world and shows the incredible effort it takes to build a legal cannabis operation,‚Ä̬†Grow Up notes.


Meet the Edmonton man transforming pot containers into useful products


Corey Saban is rethinking plastic waste in the cannabis industry

During the pandemic, Corey Saban started a recycling company out of his garage with a kitchen girdle, a steam iron and a whole bunch of plastic waste.

Laid off from his construction job and suddenly spending lots of time at home, the Edmonton-based father of three was surprised at how much single-use plastic his family was using.

So he started tinkering in the garage. He began by transforming plastic bags into coasters. Then he purchased some small pieces of equipment and started creating hexagonal tiles that could be used to create wall protectors.


Tourism is the missing piece of Canada’s cannabis legalization puzzle


Three years into the¬†federal legalization of cannabis in Canada, almost all the pieces are in place for the growth of a robust cannabis tourism industry ‚ÄĒ except one.

Cannabis tourism includes the variety of activities, events and places that are part of any vacation or travel plans that incorporate cannabis. What’s missing are the rules around consuming cannabis socially in public settings, highlighting a broader issue about cannabis legalization in Canada.

My recent research on the cannabis industry suggests that integrating cannabis consumption into tourism will have positive social impacts toward normalization, acceptance and tolerance of cannabis.


The best weed strains in Canada right now


Let’s be clear right off the top: This ain’t no snickelfritz.  

The products listed here are among the goodest good-good that the Canadian legal market has to offer. That elusive triple good. 

Now, there’s a lot to consider before you start parsing through companies and cultivars for the best Canadian weed on the market. Are you after flower or pre-roll or something else? And how about quantity? Do you want a gram, an eighth (3.5g), or are you looking for something from the large format cabinet like a half ounce or an ounce?


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