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Police bust 'international drug lab' operating out of Ontario


Cannabis, psilocybin, cell phones and hard drives seized from Burnt River property.

One man is in custody after a “large drug lab” was uncovered by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

The arrest is the culmination of a lengthy investigation, involving members of the City of Kawartha Lakes OPP Community Street Crimes Unit, according to a news release.

It is alleged that a 60-year-old man in the Burnt River area was shipping packages internationally that contained drugs.

Police raided the man’s property last month and seized 200 packages of psilocybin and 1,000 packages of cannabis products, along with cellphones, hard drives and USB sticks containing thousands of shipping and product labels.


B.C. has received more than $112M in excise cannabis taxes. None has gone to municipalities



Federal government says its expectation is that the tax revenue be shared with local governments

When Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, Port Coquitlam, B.C., like many other municipalities, began to quickly develop the framework for dispensaries to set up shop.

Mayor Brad West said his city was eager to jump on board, not only to tackle the black market, but also because many municipalities believed they would be sharing in the excise cannabis tax revenue being collected by the federal government from producers.

"That turned out not to be the case for anyone, because regardless of whether you have stores or you don't, there's no revenue," said West.


Cannabis companies call on feds to increase edible THC limits to curb Canada’s illicit market


Indiva wants to increase edibles limit to 100 mg for public safety deterring illegal markets

A leading cannabis company is urging the Canadian government to increase limits on edibles as a way to minimize the illicit market and ensure safety.

Two-thirds of edibles customers in Canada are going to the illicit market for unsafe and improperly dosed products, according to cannabis company Indiva. The group wants to see limits per package increase from 10 mg to 100 mg to curb those going to illegal suppliers where limits aren’t an issue.

CEO Niel Marotta called the potency limit a $500-million market failure.


Kilogram of cannabis among items seized at Ont. correctional facility


Weed, tobacco, unknown substance and cellphones confiscated at Collins Bay Institution over three days

Staff and the Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, Ont., working with local police, seized multiple packages containing contraband such as cannabis over a three-day period in early June.

In all, staff at the federal, multi-level security institution confiscated contraband and unauthorized items that included 1.1 kilograms of weed, about 1.3 kilograms of tobacco, 123 grams of an unknown substance, cellphones and accessories from June 3 to 5, notes a statement from Correctional Service Canada (CSC).

The facility has witnessed its fair share of contraband confiscations in recent months.


CAFE landlord cleared of all cannabis charges as latest attempt to crack down on illegal pot shop fails


CAFE landlord cleared of all cannabis charges as latest attempt to crack down on illegal pot shop fails

Authorities in Toronto have resoundingly lost the latest round in their long-running battle to shutter a notorious chain of illegal pot shops, as a justice of the peace Wednesday afternoon acquitted the landlord of CAFE's flagship store on all six provincial cannabis charges he was facing.

Mohsen Ghelichkhani was on trial under Ontario's Cannabis Control Act, which makes it illegal for a landlord to "knowingly permit a premises" to be used to sell illegal weed.


Politicians who live nowhere near UBC will decide whether UBC gets a cannabis dispensary

aerial view

The largest population centre in Canada without a local government has different processes for decision-making

Should a cannabis dispensary be allowed a couple of blocks from British Columbia's biggest university? 

In any other densely populated area in the province, a decision would be made by local politicians, chosen by people who live in the area to represent them on democratic issues. 

Because the dispensary is proposed for lands around the University of British Columbia, local voters have little say. 

On Thursday, a Metro Vancouver committee for Electoral Area A, comprised of politicians from Langley to Bowen Island, will vote on whether to support the cannabis retail store. 


Charges approved in connection to alleged illegal Richmond marijuana operation

RCMP logo

ON May 7, 2021, Richmond RCMP Organized Crime Unit (OCU) executed a search warrant on an alleged marijuana brokerage in the 8000-block of Demorest Drive. A marijuana brokerage can operate as a distributor for growers of both legal and illegal marijuana. While marijuana has been legalized in Canada, some marijuana operations continue to operate illegally.

Investigators located and seized various items from the residence including:

* approximately 180 kilograms (260 lbs) of marijuana
* approximately 900 grams of methamphetamine
* a Smith & Wesson 3913 handgun
As a direct result of the comprehensive investigation, charges have been approved by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada against the following two men and one woman, all from Richmond:


Why I think federal prohibition fails young people



As leaders in this space, we need to consider the current approach to cannabis and its impact on the people we want to protect.

The United States has been painstakingly slow to embrace federal cannabis reform. Despite 18 states now having legal, non-medical cannabis access, there are still Americans in jail on cannabis-related charges. According to findings from Pew Charitable Trusts, one in three of the possession-related arrests made in 2019 were for marijuana.

Preliminary data and research from outside jurisdictions are demonstrating that cannabis legalization could be shaping up to be a more sensible and controlled approach than prohibition, particularly in protecting a key segment of the population — young people.


Could US cannabis reform help the Canadian market?


A panel of experts at the latest Lift Expo discussed whether US cannabis reform will be able to help Canada's ailing producers.

Cannabis reform in the US could open the doors to market stabilization in Canada, experts believe.

The cannabis industry has long been eager to see reform in the US for obvious reasons. But beyond that, federal changes may bring a much needed re-evaluation and appreciation for players in Canada.

During an investment panel at the most recent Lift Expo in Toronto, a group of experts discussed how proposed policies like the SAFE Banking Act could in the long run also help Canada.


Fox News tried to blame weed for the Uvalde mass shooting

Fox news

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham avoided U.S. gun control by talking about... Canada and weed, respectively.

Perhaps in an attempt to avoid discussing topics like gun control and racist conspiracies adopted by mass shooters, some of Fox News’ biggest stars have shifted their attention to seemingly bigger threats to American democracy: Canada and weed.

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson spent a good six minutes misrepresenting new firearm and drug policies in Canada. 

“On Monday, Trudeau announced that because a deranged teenager in the U.S. had committed an act of violence, Canadians would no longer be allowed to defend themselves,” Carlson said.

“That's the word from the Botoxed dictator to the north.”


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