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Study Now Finds Marijuana Legalization Decreases Property Value

The latest study goes against the grain of previous research that shows how property values increase with the onset of legalization.

Marijuana legalization is happening across the United States. Naysayers have predicted that a veritable apocalyptic moment is coming on the heels of the movement, screaming about how ending marijuana prohibition would increase crime, minor consumption rates and contribute to the overall decline of civil society. Yet, the only thing that most of these people have proved is that they are no Nostradamus.


County of Simcoe Councilors Demand Health Canada Begin To Enforce Cannabis Act

County councillors rubberstamped two recommendations at Tuesday’s council meeting, one that asks area Members of Parliament (MPs) to support their position that commercial marijuana producers be required to provide proof of notice to municipalities before a license is granted, and second, that MPs support council’s position that Health Canada places a reasonable limit on the number of cannabis plants permitted by applicants.


Police raid grow-ops seizing $18M worth of cannabis and arresting 19

Nineteen people have been charged after Ontario Provincial Police busted several large cannabis production facilities in southwestern Ontario.

The OPP carried out five search warrants at three greenhouses and two residences Wednesday morning in the areas of County Roads 31 and 34 in Kingsville, and Seacliff Drive West in Leamington.


Authorities said they seized more than 20,000 cannabis plants, more than 1,400 pounds of processed cannabis, some Canadian currency and equipment. They said the cannabis is likely worth more than $18 million.

Eighteen people, with ages ranging between 19 and 72, have been charged with:


The Success of the Legal Cannabis Ecosystem Relies on This

Whether we realize it or not, our everyday needs depend on a complex infrastructure of multiple supply chains. Virtually every product we purchase, from any industry, is the result of a sequence of production and distribution processes.


The Top 3 CBD-Friendly States in the U.S.

The passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the 2018 Farm Bill), legalizing hemp on a federal level and requiring states to implement industrial hemp programs, sparked a new “green gold rush” in the states. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life sought to capitalize on this green cash crop and industry that, in 2020, saw approximately $1.2 billion in total CBD product sales according to data compiled by Statista.   


What the United States can learn from Canada’s cannabis clarity

The inherent contradictions of American cannabis laws seem to appear in the news almost every week.

At the state level, for example, Virginia recently became the latest jurisdiction to allow adult cannabis use, effective this July 1. But just days later, a court upheld United States federal tax laws that treat state-licensed cannabis businesses as illegal drug traffickers.


The cannabis industry's next war: How strong should its weed be?

The nation’s booming weed industry has a potency problem.

As more and more states legalize marijuana, companies are facing new pressure from lawmakers across the country — and Capitol Hill — to limit the strength of their products. It’s a level of scrutiny that comes with being allowed to operate in the open after decades in the shadows.

The steadily rising levels of THC — the component of marijuana that gets users high — is causing widespread concerns about the public health consequences. Even in pioneering states like Colorado and Washington, where recreational marijuana sales started in 2014, lawmakers are debating whether to put caps on THC potency.


The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Growing Demand for Marijuana in the World

The pandemic has completely changed the way that most markets in the world work. Instead of being able to go out to the store and buy supplies, people are turning to alternative methods. Furthermore, people are finding new distractions during this time, including a growing number of people that are trying marijuana. Between legalization and increased stress, people love the opportunity to buy marijuana. We’ll show you how the demand for this product and others have increased. 

Marijuana Sales Records During the Pandemic


What's with the large shipments of marijuana at the Canadian border?

The manifest said the cargo in the tractor-trailer that pulled up at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge on Jan. 20 was "phone accessories." But a search inside the trailer turned up something quite different – multiple pallets with boxes filled with vacuum-sealed bags of nearly a thousand pounds of marijuana, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

A few days later, another search of a truck at the Lewiston bridge led to the discovery of 1,070 pounds of marijuana. That shipment was manifested as "cardboard."

At the Peace Bridge on March 11, a shipment of "empty plastic bottles" turned out to be 655 pounds of marijuana.


I think you meant to say Kelowna. An Open Letter to Justin Bieber

Hey Justin,

We’ve been listening to your new album, and we tend to agree: Georgia’s got some of the best peaches. No doubt. ‍

But respectfully, line two of “Peaches” is where we disagree.

See, like you, we’re big fans of cannabis. We treat it like it’s our job. Because, well, it is. We’re Flowr, one of Canada’s leading licensed producers. We grow award-winning strains in the heartland of top-tier cannabis production: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. So when we heard you, a homegrown, household-name, card-carrying Canadian superstar, say he gets his weed from California… Honestly, that was tough to hear.

But we thought, “Wait. Let’s give this man a chance.” This is a good moment to talk about something that’s been on our minds recently.


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