Canadian cannabis farm looking for volunteer product testers

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New Brunswick’s Greenherb Farms is seeking volunteers for weed consumption, cultivation and processing research.

A family cannabis farm on the Acadian coast of New Brunswick is looking for volunteers from across Canada or abroad to participate in cannabis research.

Focused on sun-grown cannabis cultivation and solventless processing, Greenherb Farms is hoping to refine its cultivar selection and growing processes with the input of legal-age cannabis samplers.

Greg Claroni, general manager and media coordinator for Greenherb Farms, recently told Huddle that the company is growing 60 different cultivars for research purposes, including focusing on growing techniques, processing methods and consumer preferences.

“It might just sound like you’re getting free cannabis, but it’s for a good cause and we want to do it properly. We’re looking for people who are responsible and reliable,” Claroni said.

Located in the community of Saint-Joseph-de-Kent, about an hour’s drive north of Moncton, Greenherb Farms is currently licensed for cannabis processing, cultivation and medical sales, but Claroni told Huddle the company is set to receive a sales amendment so it can retail its products.

The cultivars that the company works with have been chosen specially for outdoor cultivation in New Brunswick, per Grow Opportunity, with the hopes of lowering costs for medical patients.

“We can really narrow down which plants grow best here and which cannabis flowers our consumers really like,” Claroni told Huddle. 

“Each one of those cultivars is going to be grown by seeds, so you’re going to have a lot of different expressions of those cultivars. We’re going to have a variety going into the field this year, and we’re taking a lot of plant samples to see which ones are the best.”

If anyone is looking for jobs in the U.S. cannabis industry, Washington-based Sesh, a cannabis accessory brand, is looking to hire writers, photographers, videographers, streamers and social media influencers.

The successful applicants will receive free cannabis products, be flown out to the company’s Seattle-based office and have the opportunity to represent the brand at trade shows.

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