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Canada’s public possession limit for cannabis beverages set to increase

beverage cans

The proposed regulatory amendments would allow consumers to possess 17.1 litres of beverages, up from 2.1 litres.

Last week, Health Canada opened a consultation regarding amendments to the federal cannabis regulations, including facilitating non-therapeutic research on cannabis involving human participants and boosting the public possession limits for infused drinks.

The consultation is open for input until Apr. 25.

Currently, Canadians are limited to purchasing the equivalent of 2.1 litres of beverages at a time, despite the 10 milligram THC cap per product. Under the proposed amendments, Canadians would be able to purchase up to 17.1 litres of beverages at once.


Cannabis concerns for community

cannabis plants

After finally issuing its first cultivation license last December, the Kahnawake Cannabis Control Board (KCCB) continues to move along in its day-to-day operations with the ultimate goal of opening the industry to the general public.

But it’s been a struggle, to say the least, especially on the political side of things. Discussions between Kahnawake and Quebec are ongoing, but an agreement has not been reached.

Mohawk Council of Kahnawake (MCK) chief and Cannabis Portfolio lead Tonya Perron said that she still needs to update Council on some of the issues that remain and were brought up during a meeting with the province two weeks ago.

“The discussions are specific to cannabis because the main concern is always public health and public safety,” said Perron.


17 best CBD oils for dogs with hip dysplasia



If your dog is struggling with hip dysplasia, you may be looking for ways to help relieve their pain. CBD oil has been shown to be an effective treatment for many conditions in dogs and may be able to help with hip dysplasia as well.

In this article, we'll take a look at 17 of the best CBD oils for dogs with hip dysplasia.


Can I give my dog CBD oil that's made for humans?

The short answer is, yes. CBD sourced from hemp is legal to purchase online, and there are many companies that sell it for human consumption that also produce CBD oil for pets.


Paralympian pivot: Snowboarder Tyler Mosher now 'slugging it out' on the cannabis trail


In his mid-40s, Mosher got an Executive MBA and went into CBD. There's only one problem: market regulation

Buy a new pickup truck, run a marathon, transform the family basement into a man cave, express a sudden interest in personal fashion, daydream about being taller, younger and more handsome. Such are the clichéd male musings as he wrestles through midlife, a period of self-reflection capable of spurring some to action and others to simply grumble about how it sucks to get old.

Tyler Mosher isn’t much of a complainer, although it would be understandable if he were, given he relies on a $2 plastic catheter to get the deed done every time he goes to the washroom.


Is low-lying Halifax Canada’s highest city?


Wastewater samples show that Nova Scotia’s capital city leads far larger cities in rates of cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy consumption

It appears that Halifax residents consume higher rates of cannabis than those living in four of Canada’s largest cities, or so suggests wastewater samples from the last five months of 2020.

Posted online this week, figures from Statistics Canada show the counts for drug metabolites in wastewater in five Canadian cities: Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Metro Vancouver.

Considering the load per capita — which StatCan explains is grams per 1 million people per day — Halifax’s rate in December 2020 was 22.7, up from about 16.4 in August of that year.


6 Low-THC cannabis strains to help you relax and chill out

woman in bed

If you want to enjoy a smoking experience that rests between mild intoxication and therapeutic satisfaction, then you should definitely purchase one of these strains.

Gone are the days when everyone had no idea what they were smoking and just hoped for the best. Today, cannabis is rightly grouped into strains based on its effects and THC levels.

The global cannabis industry is now a curated industry with thousands of strains developed to meet the consumer’s needs. If you need to feel energized or relaxed, euphoric or mellowed out, or if you’d rather be somewhere in the middle of all these, you only need to do some research to find the right strain.


Get it growing: 12 tips for assembling a grow tent

grow tent

A grow tent can be a handy way to create an enclosed space to be used for starting and growing plants, but getting the right tent is key.

Benefits to using a grow tent include being able to have a noninvasive independent light schedule, keeping the plants separate from other activities in a room, and forming a discreet place for a controlled environment. 

Here are a dozen tips for assembling a grow tent:

1) Select a suitable location

The ideal location for a grow tent is one that is on a moisture-tolerant surface, easy to access, within range of a sufficient electrical source, and not subject to radical temperature fluctuations or in the way of daily activities. 


6 ways marijuana affects men and women differently

man and woman

Marijuana interacts with a variety of hormones, producing different effects in men and women. Here are 6 differences that researchers have noticed.

Men and women are very similar, yet there are key differences in their systems. Like many other substances, marijuana affects them in different ways. While some differences can be explained due to different body types and sizes, cannabis has an interesting relationship with a variety of hormones, including estrogen, thus producing different responses in people.


Cannabis deliveries to summer festival-goers OK'd


Summer festival-goers can now have legal cannabis delivered to them as they enjoy the music, says a lobbyist for the licensed industry.

In what’s being called a first for Canada, live event fans will be allowed to have cannabis beverages, edibles and other distilled pot products couriered to them in festivals’ designated areas, said Nathan Mison, president of Diplomat Consulting.

“This is a big deal — Alberta has been very willing to have unique and beneficial conversations on this,” said Mison, formerly a cannabis retailer.


Cannabis car is no more, but it sure had a high ride for a time

man with car

Inventor of the Renew Sports Car says he was “about seven years ahead of [his] time."

The cannabis car may never have hit the road officially, but its approach to reducing the carbon footprint still holds promise.

Created in 2015, the Renew Sports Car often referred to as the hemp car, featured “a carbon negative, hemp fiber body which was up to 46 per cent lighter than aluminum.”

Using carbon-negative fibre — of which hemp is the primary ingredient — would prevent two tons of carbon dioxide “from being dumped into our atmosphere,” the company website claimed.


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