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Can cannabis make you kinder? New study says yes



The study is among the first to demonstrate the non-clinical benefits of cannabis use among healthy young adults.

A new study has found that cannabis consumers exhibit higher levels of prosocial behaviours and a heightened sense of empathy.

Led by researchers from The University of New Mexico and published in the journal Scientific Reports, the study is among the first to demonstrate the non-clinical benefits of cannabis use among healthy young adults.


HYTN earns cannabis cultivation license



This license amendment assists with solidifying HYTN's regulatory approvals which include a standard processing license, a research license and an amendment for sale of cannabis.

HYTN Innovations Inc. says its wholly owned subsidiary, HYTN Cannabis Inc., has received a license amendment from Health Canada allowing for the cultivation of cannabis.

This license amendment assists with solidifying HYTN’s regulatory approvals which include a standard processing license, a research license and an amendment for sale of cannabis to provincially and territorially authorized retailers.


Consumer advocacy organization pushes back on Health Canada’s proposal to restrict vape flavours

girl vaping

“Flavour restrictions either work or they do not when it comes to preventing youth use. You cannot say they’re needed for nicotine vaping but not alcohol and cannabis.”

The Consumers’ Association of Canada (CAC), a non-profit founded in 1947, has released polling data it hopes will lead to a more thorough consultation with the public as Health Canada looks to restrict flavoured vaping products.

The memo is in response to a public consultation that the federal agency conducted in 2019 about restricting vaping product flavours as a means of making the products less appealing to youth.


Former Vancouver mayor's depression improved after wife spiked his coffee with shrooms


Larry Campbell, who has depression and PTSD, revealed how things changed during the pandemic.

Canadian Senator and former Vancouver mayor Larry Campbell had no idea why the depression symptoms seemed to be easing until his wife informed him she had been microdosing him with psilocybin on the sly.

The former mayor, steelworker, Mountie and coroner, inspiring the popular CBC drama Da Vinci’s Inquest, knew all about the stress and sometimes more that comes with a life of service. Campbell served as mayor over important developments in Vancouver, including spearheading the approval and establishment of North America’s first legal safe injection site and aiding in the successful Vancouver bid for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Patients who use marijuana may need more sedation during endoscopies

hospital patient

If you use pot, you may need more sedation than normal during a gastric endoscopy, according to a new study.

"Patients didn't have increased awareness or discomfort during procedures, but they did require more drugs," lead author Dr. Yasmin Nasser said in a news release from the American Gastroenterological Association. Nasser is an assistant professor in the Institute for Chronic Diseases at the University of Calgary School of Medicine in Canada.

With increases in marijuana legalization and use, doctors need to be aware of patients' use of the drug and prepare themselves and their patients for the possible need of increased sedation and associated risks, the study authors said.


'He was a totally different kid': The impact of cannabis oil on the health of children

CBD oil

A Manitoba mother says the use of cannabis oil has had a profound impact on the health of her child.

Dr. Jenn Anderson’s son, Nicholas, has epilepsy and is non-verbal. In 2016, he has having multiple seizures each hour.

She said she tried a bottle of cannabinol, or CBD oil, which doesn’t have psychoactive effects. Within two weeks, there has been a change.

“He was alert and alive and able to participate,” Anderson said.

“He was a totally different kid.”


Smoking dope linked to heart disease: Study

women working out

There’s a bit of bad health news on the horizon for dope smokers.

A study published shows a strong correlation between smoking marijuana and heart issues.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of marijuana that makes you high) binds to cannabinoid receptors in the vasculature and is implicated in cardiovascular disease.

NBC News reported that the study, done among close to 160,000 people (courtesy the UK Biobank), compared the health of 11,000 who smoke marijuana at least once a month to two other groups: 122,000 in the same age group (40 to 69) who do not smoke cannabis at all and 23,000 who smoke it less than once a month.

Age, gender and body mass index (things that also affect heart disease risk) were taken into account.


Cannabis may have a beneficial effect in sleep disorders: Canadian study


The study’s findings are in line with previous research that has found cannabis consumption can improve sleep outcomes.

A new study published in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal offers further evidence that individuals with sleep disorders, including insomnia, may benefit from cannabis treatment.

A retrospective chart review was conducted at Hybrid Pharm, a community pharmacy in Ottawa, and included patients who were interested in, or already using, medical cannabis for sleep disorders, according to the study’s abstract.


Children hospitalized near Montreal after eating suspected cannabis candy

mom and daughter

A Montreal-area mother is warning other parents to talk to their kids after her daughter and two other elementary school students were hospitalized after eating drug-laced candy they found on the floor of their school bus this week.

The three young students, ages six and seven, are in Grade 1 at Franklin Hill Elementary School in the off-island suburb of Repentigny.

"It's very scary what I went through. It was awful to see her like that," said Alexa Pando, whose six-year-old daughter, Zarah, ate the candy.

"I saw her not feeling good -- she cried and cried, and I said 'Zarah, what's wrong?'" Pando told CTV News in an interview Wednesday.

"She says 'Mommy, I don’t feel good and I have voices in my head.'"


Canadian cannabis: Greenway Greenhouse provides medical access to cannabis through North 40 cultivators



Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation announced it has several new cultivars available such as Captain Kush and Blackberry Gelato, on the North 40 medical cannabis platform, under the Red Barn brand. (Benzinga)

There's more than wheat and canola growing in Saskatchewan

North 40, a cultivator of premium cannabis and processor of industry-leading cannabis products, is based in Nipawin, Saskatchewan where they’ve been providing medical access to their products since August of 2021 via a self-managed platform that serves hundreds of patients. 


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