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Cannabis, Marijuana And Hemp — What Is The Difference, Exactly?

cannabis plant

Cannabis sativa is a universal and versatile plant, so it’s no wonder that it has been given so many names throughout history and the world.

There are many names attributed to the plant that is scientifically known as cannabis sativa. From weed, to hemp, cannabis and marijuana, this seven-pointed leaf plant has a list of aliases that seems to grow as quickly as the plant itself. 

Many names linked to cannabis sativa refer to the same type of plant or product, but not all of these terms should be used interchangeably. In fact, cannabis, hemp and marijuana all refer to different products. It is critical to understand the difference as some of these products are fully legal while others are associated with possible felony offenses. 


Ontario cannabis store showcases 'cool innovations' and we are impressed


Week in Weed: Spotify versus Potify, first pot shop at a Canadian airport, and how this ancient empire's secret to success was hallucinogenic beer

A  small airport in B.C. is in the news for all the right reasons.


Your pot isn’t as green as you think

cannabis greenhouse

Cannabis giant Canopy Growth used a lot of energy to grow its pot in 2020. Emissions from the company were equivalent to burning more than 65 million pounds of coal, newly released data shows.

The data was published last week by Canopy Growth as part of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, marking the first time emissions data has been reported by the company.

Canopy Growth’s environmental reporting follows similar releases by other pot companies last year. In June, Vancouver-based Rubicon Organics published its first-ever ESG report, and in August, Toronto-headquartered Khiron Life Sciences Corp. published its inaugural ESG report.


Best CBD Oil Canada In 2022: Top 3 Places To Buy CBD Oil & Hemp Products Legally In Canada

CBD oils

As consumers are growing aware of the ill effects of unnecessary pain relief medications, they are starting to look for natural alternatives.

One of the most effective, organic alternatives to medication is using natural herbs and plants – like cannabis. Although there was plenty of hues and cries about this substance in the past, people are starting to understand it better and accept it as a natural remedy.

CBD oil has risen in popularity over the past few years thanks to its tremendous benefits and applications. In fact, a quick Google search on “the best CBD Oil Canada-wide” will likely redirect you to hundreds of articles, products, and blogs.


Cannabis-impaired driving: Here’s what we know about the risks of weed behind the wheel

guy driving

Newfoundland research team spoke to 91 youth and young adults over the summer of 2021 to get their perspective.

Cannabis is the  second-most widely used substance  in Canada, after alcohol. While there is an in-depth understanding of the  impact of alcohol on driving , cannabis is a much more complex substance and can affect consumers differently depending on the product type, amount used and a person’s potential tolerance.


Smoking cannabis for the first time? Here’s what to expect

woman using bong on bed

Bad highs usually happen when first-timers smoke too much or are in a place that’s uncomfortable for them.

First experiences with marijuana can vary greatly. While some people have great memories of their first time smoking with friends, others remember a paranoid mess. Despite the fact that people have been getting high for hundreds of years, one could argue there’s still plenty about the drug and its effects that remain tough to pin down.


Canada Made Car Crash Flavored Chips to Warn Against Driving High

car crash chips

When the munchies lead to blood, grit and death

This road-safety campaign from Quebec is guaranteed to leave a bad taste in your mouth. A very bad taste. We're talking blood, metal and blacktop—all the flavors of violent highway death.

To discourage folks from diving after consuming cannabis, SAAQ, the Canadian agency that oversees vehicle licenses and auto insurance, produced potato crisps formulated to taste like an automobile accident.

Agency lg2 cooked up the unusual approach, and chronicled consumer reaction in this short film:

You'll need a six-pack of Liquid Death to wash that YUCK! away.


Cannabis is a known anxiolytic. Should it be used before getting a tattoo?

tattooed woman

A lot of people turn to weed in moments of high stress, using it to cope with social anxiety or to relax before a stressful situation.

Marijuana is a natural anxiolytic, which means it quells anxiety. A lot of people turn to it in moments of high stress, using it to cope with social anxiety or to relax before a stressful situation. Should a person turn to it when getting a tattoo?

The answer is complicated and largely depends on the individual in question, their particular experiences with cannabis and their relationship with tattoos.


What You Can Learn About Your Cannabis By Studying The Ash And Soot

woman with marijuana

Learning the many ways to identify better quality cannabis is a terrific way to start getting to know the plant better.

Seasoned cannabis users can talk in great detail about the many ways you can determine the quality of your cannabis through a variety of factors.

The most common aspects of the herb that people look at are the buds and its smell, but a lesser known aspect of it is the ash it produces. It’s one thing that can tell you a lot about how clean the cannabis is.


The Most Effective Way Of Keeping Your Memory Sharp, According To Science

old couple

Keeping a sharp memory is key as we age. A new study suggests that a busy life, filled with many varied activities, might be key to your brain health.

Memory is key to most things in life. It helps us learn in school, function in our jobs, maintain our relationships, and so much m ore. It has an influence on almost everything we enjoy. Memory is also one of the first things to deteriorate as we age, increasing the odds of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Now, a new study reveals that the most efficient way of protecting our memory is to train ourselves with a variety of cognitive challenges.


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