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O’Cannabiz Conference and Expo returns to Toronto June 1-3

toronto expo

 Cannabis industry entrepreneurs, growers, researchers, suppliers and retailers, as well as cannabis product consumers from throughout North America and the world, will gather June 1-3 as the O’Cannabiz International Conference and Expo presented by ND Supplies returns to Toronto’s International Centre. *


Niagara College gets research funding for cannabis, craft beer


Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation also getting portion of funding

Niagara College is welcoming an investment of more than $4.4 million to support cannabis and hemp research and a college-led project benefiting the craft beer industry, as well as an expansion of the Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation.

The funding is provided by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

The money will support the college’s role in the cannabis industry, a separate effort from its academic program, which in 2018 was the first in Canada.


Ontario cannabis fellowship encourages people affected by prohibition to apply


"We have a responsibility to those who have been disproportionately impacted and commit to doing our part"

Drew Henson had Formula One dreams.

He completed a degree in engineering physics from the University of Saskatchewan and then moved to Indianapolis for a year, where he worked with Walker Racing as an engineering intern.


Youth-led project aims for a grown-up cannabis conversation with youth

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Despite more than three years of legal weed, conversations around cannabis and its interactions with mental health, especially for young people, remain stuck on abstinence, if they happen at all.

But a youth-led project aims to fix that problem with the launch of an online course that seeks to answer young people’s questions about the substance with available scientific evidence and lived experiences of their peers.


Problems blamed on cannabis that actually have nothing to do with cannabis


Cannabis gets blamed for a ton of stuff it does not cause!

Every other week I notice these “cannabis studies” that find “using it to treat pain could make you an addict” or that “cannabis users’ age quicker” and a number of other alarmist titles. Of course, the vast majority of these studies could be designed to make milk have similar findings – yet rarely do we see actual studies on the “cannabis problems” that are NOT caused by cannabis but rather the laws surrounding cannabis.


This new campaign wants to bust weed myths

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“Weed Out Misinformation” encourages honest conversations that prioritize science, removing the stigma attached to the drug.

Cannabis misinformation has been a main hurdle to clear since the drug’s existence became known. Now, a university in Canada is seeking to offer a little eduction to younger people, those who may be at risk for cannabis misuse.

The program hopes to debunk weed myths and offer the future generation a new view of cannabis.

The project from Humber College, which is being done in partnership with the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Canadian Public Health Association, is called “Weed Out Misinformation.” It was devised by cannabis researchers and students at the college.


10 ways cannabis can enhance your day


There are so many ways to incorporate purposeful cannabis consumption into your daily routine. Here are 10 helpful tips from Jointly to help you enhance your day with cannabis.


1. Increase Energy Levels with Cannabis

While cannabis is usually associated with relaxing, many people use cannabis for energy. Some cannabis strains contain terpenes like limonene and pinene that can boost your mood and energize your mind. Look for strains with specific terpenes found in Sativa-type strains to help give you that extra boost to conquer your day.


What does the Bible say about marijuana? A review of “Cannabis and the Christian” by Dr. Todd Miles



At the opening session of a pastors’ conference several years ago, the audience broke into laughter when Dr. Todd Miles announced his breakout topic: “Marijuana and the Minister.”

When the time for his session finally arrived, after he had endured a lot of jokes and worried about a low turnout, eager listeners packed the room to overflowing.

In the intervening years, as marijuana has been legalized in more and more states, he has spoken about the topic many times and has always been bombarded by questions.

Now he has written a book, Cannabis and the Christian: What the Bible Says about Marijuana, to provide some answers.


Some Canadians drive while believing they are impaired by alcohol cannabis or other drugs, MADD Canada survey shows

cannabis in car

Many Canadians drive after consuming alcohol, cannabis, and illicit drugs, medications (prescribed or not) or other substances for recreational purposes or to get high even though they believe they are impaired, according to MADD Canada’s second National Survey On Driving After Alcohol, Cannabis, Or Drug Use. These behaviours are elevated among young males aged 18-34.  


Dog treats made in Kelowna with B.C.-grown CBD

woman with dog

No sugar, no spice, but everything nice for dogs around Kelowna

Peppy Pets sells homemade dog treats made with love, and CBD, in Kelowna.

Darba Melenchuk started making dog treats after her family adopted a dog from Mexico.

After sharing her chicken-flavoured snacks with the neighbourhood pups, Melenchuk said that word spread that her treats were nutritious and delicious. Melenchuk said that she is an entrepreneur at heart and was looking to start a new business, after working as a stay-at-home mom for a few years.

Peppy Pets was created when the family pooch lost the pep in its step and the medications they were taking were not sufficient.


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