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Can cannabis make you kinder? New study says yes



The study is among the first to demonstrate the non-clinical benefits of cannabis use among healthy young adults.

A new study has found that cannabis consumers exhibit higher levels of prosocial behaviours and a heightened sense of empathy.

Led by researchers from The University of New Mexico and published in the journal Scientific Reports, the study is among the first to demonstrate the non-clinical benefits of cannabis use among healthy young adults.


Cannabis tourism: how a new travel trend is taking off



Legal cannabis consumption rose in the US and Europe during the COVID pandemic, with some people turning to marijuana to help them cope with lockdowns and broken routines. Meanwhile, fewer people today view the drug as harmful compared to previous decades.

These factors may have contributed to a trend towards cannabis-related tourism, with destinations developing new holiday products to tempt customers, and rising travel bookings to destinations where cannabis is legal. But there are risks for both destinations and tourists in embracing this trend.


Canix raises $10M to expand its cannabis seed-to-sale platform across the U.S. and Canada


Canix today is announcing a $10m raise from venture capitalists. The company sees using the capital to expand throughout the United States and Canada, allowing it to scale its cultivation forecasting and production planning ERP platform to meet market-specific regulations.

The round was led by an unannounced firm — one that wishes not to be disclosed. Other investors include Altair V.C., Cathexis Ventures and Emles Ventures, and other notable angels. Canix won the top prize at TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield in 2020.


Why I think federal prohibition fails young people



As leaders in this space, we need to consider the current approach to cannabis and its impact on the people we want to protect.

The United States has been painstakingly slow to embrace federal cannabis reform. Despite 18 states now having legal, non-medical cannabis access, there are still Americans in jail on cannabis-related charges. According to findings from Pew Charitable Trusts, one in three of the possession-related arrests made in 2019 were for marijuana.

Preliminary data and research from outside jurisdictions are demonstrating that cannabis legalization could be shaping up to be a more sensible and controlled approach than prohibition, particularly in protecting a key segment of the population — young people.


Fox News tried to blame weed for the Uvalde mass shooting

Fox news

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham avoided U.S. gun control by talking about... Canada and weed, respectively.

Perhaps in an attempt to avoid discussing topics like gun control and racist conspiracies adopted by mass shooters, some of Fox News’ biggest stars have shifted their attention to seemingly bigger threats to American democracy: Canada and weed.

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson spent a good six minutes misrepresenting new firearm and drug policies in Canada. 

“On Monday, Trudeau announced that because a deranged teenager in the U.S. had committed an act of violence, Canadians would no longer be allowed to defend themselves,” Carlson said.

“That's the word from the Botoxed dictator to the north.”


Why Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB) stock tanked 45% last week


There’s no respite for Aurora Cannabis investors!

It has been a terrible year for growth investors. But for cannabis investors, it has been all the more awful, and there seems to be no respite!

Once hot pot stock Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB)(NASDAQ:ACB) fell almost 45% last week. The stock has lost more than 80% since last year and 69% in 2022. The entire cannabis sector was down last week, but Aurora led the fall and closed at $2.14.


Why the cannabis industry needs more stringent testing


With proper testing regulations, consumer health can be protected and a prosperous, strong and trustworthy cannabis industry will be created.

With the increasing demand for legal cannabis and heightened participation of various states, the need for comprehensive and rigorous testing solutions has become vital. Considering a lot of individuals use cannabis products for medical purposes, they should not have to worry about falling ill from consuming pathogenic infested cannabis products.


Item 9 Labs Corp. signs definitive agreement to acquire Sessions Cannabis, one of Canada's largest cannabis retail franchisors



Item 9 Labs Corp. (OTCQX: INLB) (the "Company") — a vertically integrated cannabis dispensary franchisor and operator that produces premium, award-winning products — announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Sessions Cannabis ("Sessions"), one of Canada's largest cannabis retail franchisors.

"This is a transformative acquisition that fast-tracks our entry into the Canadian market and brings tremendous value to our shareholders," said Item 9 Labs Corp. CEO Andrew Bowden.


Patients who use marijuana may need more sedation during endoscopies

hospital patient

If you use pot, you may need more sedation than normal during a gastric endoscopy, according to a new study.

"Patients didn't have increased awareness or discomfort during procedures, but they did require more drugs," lead author Dr. Yasmin Nasser said in a news release from the American Gastroenterological Association. Nasser is an assistant professor in the Institute for Chronic Diseases at the University of Calgary School of Medicine in Canada.

With increases in marijuana legalization and use, doctors need to be aware of patients' use of the drug and prepare themselves and their patients for the possible need of increased sedation and associated risks, the study authors said.


U.S. company acquires Canadian retailer Sessions Cannabis


“This is a transformative acquisition that fast-tracks our entry into the Canadian market.”

Arizona-based Item 9 Labs has acquired Sessions Cannabis, one of Canada’s largest cannabis franchises.

Sessions currently operates 43 stores across Ontario.

Item 9 Labs manufactures its own cannabis products and is also the parent company of Unity Rd., a U.S. cannabis franchise developing more than 30 stores across the U.S.

“This is a transformative acquisition that fast-tracks our entry into the Canadian market and brings tremendous value to our shareholders,” Item 9 Labs CEO Andrew Bowden said in a statement.


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