High Tide launches private label cannabis 2.0 products in Saskatchewan


Further Updates Related to Private Label Offerings in Manitoba and Ontario Expected in the Coming Weeks


High Tide expands into Saskatoon with opening of new Canna Cabana cannabis store, 126th in Canada


High Tide has begun selling recreational cannabis products and consumption accessories for adult use at its Canna Cabana retail cannabis store located at 2102 22 Street West in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This opening represents High Tide's 126th branded retail location across Canada, and 10th in Saskatchewan, selling recreational cannabis products and consumption accessories. The store is High Tide's first location in Saskatoon, which is the largest city in Saskatchewan with a population of over 266,000 people. (Benzinga)


Weed wars a boon to Sask. cannabis consumers

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Number of stores increasing, cannabis prices dropping

Jim Southam struggles to find the right word to describe the Saskatoon retail cannabis market heading into the summer of 2022.

Saturated. Cutthroat. Unrealistic.

They're all accurate. It's a great time to be a cannabis consumer in Saskatchewan, but not so great for the people on the other side of the counter.

"Looking around at other stores, I've seen three-and-a-half grams selling for $20 or less, plus tax," he said.

"That's less than the black market was my whole life. That's just not sustainable."


In the weeds: Local cannabis industry looking for 'sweet spot'

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Retailers and producers say the industry is going through ebbs and flows right now as large scale producers falter and more retailers open

From the street, behind a fence and gate, you can still catch the scent of the plants.


Canadian cannabis: Greenway Greenhouse provides medical access to cannabis through North 40 cultivators



Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation announced it has several new cultivars available such as Captain Kush and Blackberry Gelato, on the North 40 medical cannabis platform, under the Red Barn brand. (Benzinga)

There's more than wheat and canola growing in Saskatchewan

North 40, a cultivator of premium cannabis and processor of industry-leading cannabis products, is based in Nipawin, Saskatchewan where they’ve been providing medical access to their products since August of 2021 via a self-managed platform that serves hundreds of patients. 


Saskatoon police say they're spotting more drivers impaired by cannabis

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Saskatchewan drivers will begin to notice more reminders of impaired driving in their communities this month.

MADD Saskatoon's Mobile Sign Campaign launched on Friday, showing the locations where impaired drivers were caught and charged. The signs also encourage drivers to call 911 if they suspect a driver is impaired.

“Sometimes what catches people more is some of the locations and the time of day,” MADD Saskatoon President Bonny Stevenson said.

“I always tell people that impaired drivers are everywhere throughout our city on every street at any time of day. It's not just after the bars close. It’s on Circle Drive.”

Last week, the RCMP was marking National Impaired Driving Prevention week highlighting high drivers on Saskatchewan roads.


Lawyer says high profile Saskatoon driving fatality will test cannabis impairment laws

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Baeleigh Maurice killed in September, driver now facing cannabis impairment charge

Cannabis driving impairment laws will be tested in a high-profile Saskatoon case.

A 28-year-old woman is charged with "impaired operation while exceeding the prescribed blood-drug concentration of THC causing death" after nine-year-old Baeleigh Maurice was killed crossing 33rd Street W in September 2021.

The woman will make her first court appearance in April.

Canada legalized recreational cannabis in October 2018. Since then the laws around assessing and enforcing cannabis impairment have evolved, veteran Saskatoon defence lawyer Ron Piche saysPiche said it's not as straightforward as with liquor.


Can cannabis prevent & treat concussions? NFL gives researchers $500K to find out


Researchers will look at pain management and chronic pain in those suffering from post-concussion syndrome, and examine CBD/THC as a neuroprotective treatment for concussion.

University of Regina‘s Dr. Patrick Neary received more than $500,000 from the National Football League (NFL), along with $400,000 of in-kind support from My Next Health Inc. to investigate the use of cannabinoids to treat concussions and alleviate and manage pain.

Dr. Neary, an exercise physiologist and prof in Kinesiology and Health Studies at the University of Regina, Canada, has been working in the area of concussion prevention and treatment for more than 15 years. He says he’s excited to have the NFL’s support.


High Tide opens 107th marijuana store in Canada with new Canna Cabana location in Regina

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The retail-focused marijuana company High Tide Inc. HITI (FSE:2LYA) announced Friday that its Canna Cabana store in Regina, Saskatchewan has begun selling recreational cannabis products. The store is located at 155 Albert Street North, which is a major north-south thoroughfare and commercial corridor in Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital and second-largest city. 

This opening represents High Tide’s 107th branded retail location across Canada and 7th in Saskatchewan to sell adult-use cannabis products and accessories. (Click for Benzinga article)


Regina council decides to start treating cannabis stores like any other business

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Only exception is requirement stores be minimum 60m away from schools, adjacent parks

It's been three years since cannabis was legalized in Canada and the Regina city council says it is ready to start treating pot stores like any other retail business, with a few exceptions. 

Council voted on Wednesday to approve a report that will "significantly improve" the city's cannabis retail regulations, according to city staff. 

The decision comes despite opposition from existing cannabis retailers — who are concerned about over-saturating the market — and the city's school boards. 


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