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Traffic stop leads to arrest of Toronto man and seizure of 39 grams of cannabis, $4,300 in cash

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The man was also found to be in violation of a previous release order

A 36-year-old Toronto man is facing numerous charges after being caught with cash tied to the sales of cannabis and 39 grams of bud, reports CTV.

It’s not clear from a news release whether the cannabis was stamped or not.

The man was stopped by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Huntsville around 9:30 p.m.

The police seized the cash and cannabis and further investigation led to the discovery that the man was not complying with a previous release order.

Under the federal Cannabis Act, Canadians are allowed to carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, or equivalent, in public at any time.


Said 'cannabis' nine times

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Cannabis mentions in federal budget a sign of friendlier relations

It may not seem like a lot, but cannabis was mentioned a total of nine times in the 2022 federal budget document. That’s eight more times than in 2021.

The proposed budget, unveiled Thursday in Ottawa by the Liberal government, hints toward a more open and productive relationship with the cannabis industry.

In the nearly four years since legalization in 2018, the Liberals have practically worn oven mitts while handling the hot potato of pot policy. Cannabis has been seen only through the lenses of public health and crime.

This latest budget puts the growing weed industry as an important economic consideration, nationally and internationally.


Canada’s 2022 federal budget aims to engage cannabis sector

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Proposed budget includes launching a new cannabis strategy table to increase dialogue between government and stakeholders

This year’s Canadian federal budget shows a more collaborative relationship with the cannabis industry, including the launch of a new cannabis strategy table to increase dialogue between government and stakeholders in the growing sector.

Last week, the federal government released the proposed budget for 2022 which outlines a series of new investments in several areas — including public health, housing and infrastructure — and includes a section titled “Engaging the Cannabis Sector.”


Privatize the retail pot industry, opposition tells Yukon gov't

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Retailers face 'perfect storm' of red tape and inefficient government pricing, Yukon Party says

Yukon's Official Opposition says it's time for the territorial government to butt out of the retail cannabis industry.

Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon says the territory's pot retailers are being "bogged down" by red tape, inefficient pricing schemes and taxes. 

"Around the country, the cannabis industry is growing and thriving, creating jobs and economic activity," Dixon said in the legislature on Monday. 

"However, here in the Yukon we are hearing directly from businesses in the sector that are being stifled by a perfect storm of burdensome regulation, red tape and inefficient government pricing structures."


Eskasoni dispensary owner preparing to go to court to fight for his right to sell cannabis


Albert Marshall Jr. said he has invested close to $100,000 into his cannabis dispensary, which he said he has shut down after being continuously "harassed" by RCMP.

The owner of a cannabis dispensary in Eskasoni First Nation hopes the charges against him will be dropped before his trial this summer but said he will fight his case “right to the very end.”

Albert J. Marshall, 49, is facing charges under the provincial Cannabis Control Act for selling marijuana without being an authorized seller.

Marshall opened his dispensary, Bear Buds Trading Post, in the fall of 2020, more than six months after Eskasoni chief and council issued a press release stating they would not approve or authorize any privately owned dispensaries to sell cannabis products.


Former BC NDP president lobbying province for cannabis company


The BC NDP’s former president is lobbying the B.C. government for a marijuana company.

Craig Keating joined the Vancouver office of Seattle-headquartered Strategies 360 as a vice-president last December after eight years as party president. On April 7, Keating registered on behalf of client Tantalus Labs Ltd., which produces medical cannabis, to arrange meetings with officials in the ministries of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Agriculture, Food and Fisheries and Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation.

Keating is also lobbying the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, which distributes and retails non-medical cannabis.


Legalize it! The benefits of Canada’s cannabis industry


Canadians can enjoy safe cannabis, marketed and sold responsibly, with recent studies showing numerous ways this benefits us all

Three years have passed since legalizing cannabis in Canada. From boosting the economy to improved product and purchasing safety, the benefits of its decriminalization are clear.

A recent report by Deloitte Canada and the Ontario Cannabis Store states that since cannabis was legalized in 2018, it has contributed $43.5 billion to Canada's GDP and $13.3 billion to Ontario's GDP.

"From an economic perspective, we're pulling that economic benefit out of the illicit market where it was falling into the hands of organized crime," said Robert Carroll, the owner and operator of Due North Cannabis Co. based in Sault Ste. Marie.


Illegal cannabis being sold to look like Doritos, Cheetos, Skittles, Starburst and other popular brands

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'These products are illegal and prohibited under the Cannabis Act and its Regulations'

The accidental ingestion of illegal “copycat” edible cannabis products is causing "serious harm" to children, Health Canada said in a warning to residents.

The advisory issued this weekend warns that illegal edible cannabis products may be packaged to look like popular brands of candies, snacks or other food products such as Doritos, Skittles, Cheetos and other brands typically sold at grocery stores, gas stations and corner stores.

"These products are illegal and prohibited under the Cannabis Act and its Regulations," Health Canada said in its advisory.


Feds to establish industry panel for legal cannabis sector

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Canada’s cannabis industry is finally getting an audience with Ottawa.

More than three years after Canada legalized cannabis, the government plans to form a strategic panel led by the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development aimed at engaging with industry participants and other stakeholders to help grow the country’s domestic legal marijuana industry.

The measures will likely be welcomed by industry executives and advocates who have complained about a lack of interest from Ottawa in fixing regulations that have weighed on Canada’s licensed cannabis producers, many of whom have struggled to make a profit.


75-year-old woman busted for cannabis hidden inside barrel

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Police report the weed is worth almost $20,000

It was definitely not a barrel of fun for a 75-year-old woman in Trinidad and Tobago who was discovered with just shy of eight kilograms of cannabis hidden inside a container this week.

A Twitter post from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service notes officers executed a search warrant on the woman’s home and ended up finding 12 brown packages containing 7.7 kilograms of weed hidden inside a barrel. The police estimate that the value of the cannabis is approximately $19,750.

The police report that the woman was arrested and the investigation is continuing.


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