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Nearly $500K in contraband seized by Alberta RCMP traffic unit since start of 2022

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The unit has issued 177 fines and seized more than $498,000 in contraband, including cannabis, unstamped tobacco and cash.

Since the start of the year, Alberta RCMP’s Roving Traffic Unit has issued 177 fines and seized more than $498,000 in contraband, including cannabis, unstamped cigarettes and cash.

In a news release, the RCMP reports its goal is to “enforce traffic safety while also detecting any criminal activity that might be making its way across our province via our roads and highways.”


British Columbia plans 3-year decriminalization test


Canadian officials announced on Wednesday that a plan to decriminalize small amounts of drugs in British Columbia has been approved for a three-year test period.

British Columbia will decriminalize personal possession of small amounts of drugs for three years in an attempt to address the province’s crisis of overdose deaths. The Canadian federal government announced on Wednesday that it had approved a request from provincial officials to enact the plan, which will decriminalize possession of street drugs including heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine.


Newfoundland woman under investigation for cannabis impaired driving


Police are awaiting the results of a blood sample to determine if an impaired driving charge is warranted.

A 38-year-old woman is under investigation following a traffic stop by Corner Brook RCMP.

Officers made the stop in Cox’s Cove on the province’s west coast last Saturday night, reports local radio station VOCM.

According to officers, the woman showed signs of impairment and was arrested after a roadside test was positive for cannabis. Police are awaiting the results of a blood sample to determine if a drug-impaired driving charge is warranted.

Additionally, the woman was ticketed for having unsealed cannabis readily available in her vehicle.


Strike called at the Société québécoise du cannabis


300 CUPE members employed by the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) have called a strike, which began on Friday.

The work stoppage was prompted by the suspensions of the union president, the vice-president and 75 employees for their pressure tactic of wearing dresses and Bermuda shorts rather than the required black pants and shirt.

The union proposed a truce that would put an end to these pressure tactics, but the SQDC decided to pass up the opportunity and opt instead for confrontation.

CUPE members employed by the SQDC are demanding decent working conditions whereas the latter is refusing to pay them salaries and benefits similar to those paid by other comparable Crown corporations, namely the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ).


A third of recent cannabis users say they have driven while high: government survey

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MADD Canada says myths about safety risks are tough to dispel

Despite public awareness campaigns and law enforcement training to deter marijuana-impaired driving, a third of Canadians who've recently used cannabis say they've been behind the wheel after consuming, according to a new government survey.

The online survey, conducted in January 2022 by EKOS for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada and recently posted online, says 33 per cent of Canadians who report having used cannabis within the previous year say that they have driven under the influence.

The survey says that among Canadians who have used cannabis at some point in their lives, about 26 per cent say they have hit the road after consuming.


Legalized cannabis in Canada and US hasn’t killed illegal market

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Even when cannabis is legalized, some users still prefer to stick with their usual illegal sources, which can be cheaper and easier to access

Some cannabis users continue to buy the drug from illegal sources for years after it is possible to purchase it from regulated, legal shops, because the illegal sources can be cheaper or easier to access, a survey in Canada and the US has found.

The findings suggest that policy-makers who want to wipe out the cannabis black market need to make sure that new legal sources are competitively priced and widely available.


Ontario Court of Appeal dismisses $350,000 claim for failed cannabis company acquisition


Court-appointed seller not aware license expired shortly after deal signed

The Ontario Court of Appeal has dismissed the claim of TS Pharmaceuticals against a court-appointed receiver for failing to prevent a cannabis license from expiring, resulting in a failed deal and $350,000 in damages.

In 2056706 Ontario Inc. v. Pure Global Cannabis Inc., 2022 ONCA 381, TS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. entered into an agreement to purchase the assets and shares of PureSinse Inc. from A. Farber & Partners Inc., a court-appointed receiver. PureSinse was a cannabis manufacturing company licensed by Health Canada.


2,000 cannabis plants found inside vehicle trying to avoid RIDE check


Ontario man has been charged with distributing more than four cannabis plants

An Ontario driver who opted out of a mandatory RIDE stop by fleeing the scene was quickly caught along with the 2,000 cannabis plants that were inside his vehicle.

Officers with the Norfolk County arm of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were conducting a Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) check at Norfolk St. N. and Davis St. W. in Simcoe, Ont. just after 1:30 a.m. on May 12, according to The Hamilton Spectator.

That was when a driver was witnessed trying to bypass the stop, notes a tweet from the OPP.


Killylea man who attempted to import cannabis from Canada sentenced



A parcel - examined by UK Border Force - was a box purporting to be a computer but actually contained a bag which held two resealable bags filled with herbal cannabis​

A Killylea man’s attempt to import herbal cannabis from Canada was thwarted by the UK Border Force in January last year.

While the package never arrived, Ryan Farrell began growing his own cannabis at the home he shares with his partner and two young children, along the Main Street in the Co. Armagh village.


Ontario driver Brady Robertson sentenced to 17 years in deaths of Karolina Ciasullo, three daughters


“I want to pay for what I did, I want to serve my time… This family deserves justice.”

A driver who struck and killed a woman and her three young daughters in Brampton nearly two years ago is being sentenced to 17 years behind bars.

Brady Robertson will receive nearly three years in credit for time already served awaiting trial, bringing the total down to 14 years and two months.

Prosecutors sought a 23-year prison sentence for Robertson, 21, and a lifetime driving ban. The defence, meanwhile, argued Robertson should be sentenced to seven years.


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