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RYAH Medtech secures Health Canada medical device license for its medical cannabis inhaler system


RYAH Medtech, Inc. subsidiary of RYAH Group, Inc has received a Health Canada medical device license for its proprietary internet of things powered medical cannabis inhaler, proprietary cartridges and software application associated with the device.


Twitch unlocks cannabis marketing

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Cannabis companies continue to struggle with inconsistent guidelines and the arbitrary enforcement of Terms of Service imposed by social media sites like Facebook Meta and Instagram, but social media marketing is not a platform that any business can afford to overlook. Twitch, an American company operated by Twitch Interactive and a subsidiary of Amazon, Inc., (NASDAQ: AMZN) is a live video streaming service that focuses primarily on video games that might just present a viable marketing alternative to more restrictive social media environments. 


Study highlights day-neutral cannabis density


A new study has revealed optimal canopy density for highest yield, efficiency and profitability in greenhouse growing environments.


Fast-growing Nova Scotia cannabis outfit Bloom Labs home to microbiologists/janitors

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Perhaps more people would have paid attention in chemistry class if they knew it could lead to a career in weed. 

Nichole Taylor, director of Bloom Labs in Bible Hill, has a master’s degree in chemistry and a mellow outlook. 

Bloom Labs, which is under the umbrella of the provincial Crown corporation Perennia, is the only accredited cannabis lab in the province. 

“Health Canada dictates that in order to sell your product in a licensed retailer — NSLC, in this province — you have to have testing done by a third-party lab; you can’t do it in-house because that’s a conflict of interest, obviously,” said Taylor in her lab. 


Amazon's Twitch: Cannabis-Themed Usernames Allowed Under New Policy

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Twitch, the popular streaming site owned by Amazon announced new updates for its username policy in an effort to put an end to inappropriate names, highlighting that those with cannabis hinting handles will be allowed. (Article originally appeared on Benzinga)

“We want to make Twitch the kind of place where everybody feels at home,” the company pointed out, adding that “curbing hateful conduct and harassment is a vital part of making Twitch a safe and fun place to spend your time.”


Odourless Cannabis™ changes representative technology to PureScent™

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BRAMPTON, ON, Feb. 14, 2022 /CNW/ - CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. (CannabCo), a Canadian company located in Brampton, Ontario, is pleased to announce a change in the representative technology name from its former Purecann to PureScent™. 


NZ’s Rua Bioscience Good To Go For GMP

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Another Kiwi medical cannabis company has been awarded GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification.

Following Helius Therapeutics in early August, Rua Bioscience has also received GMP certification from Medsafe, the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority; which is run by the country’s Ministry of Health.

Rua Biosciences emerged from Hikurangi Enterprises, the first company to secure a license to cultivate medicinal cannabis plants in New Zealand.


Your smartphone has enough data to potentially detect cannabis intoxication, study finds

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Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey say smartphone sensor data combined with machine learning could detect whether someone is under the influence of marijuana.

The researchers set out to develop a proof-of-concept way to passively detect cannabis use as an alternative to existing detection measures, such as blood, urine or saliva tests. Their findings were published in September in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

"Adverse effects of acute cannabis intoxication have been reported by young adults, with associated consequences such as poor academic and work performance, and injuries and fatalities due to driving while 'high' on cannabis," the authors wrote in the study.


Cannabis store expansion in Canada strongly linked to sales growth, but weakly related to prevalence growth

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The growth in cannabis retail stores between 2018 and 2020 was driven by more than just the move to legalize recreational weed three years ago, suggests a new Canadian study.

“From 2018 to 2020, Canada’s rapid cannabis retail expansion was strongly related to legal sales growth, but only weakly related to prevalence growth,” reports Michael Armstrong, an associate professor of operations research in Brock University’s Goodman School of Business.


Hemp Plastics Startup Crowdfunds

coloured plastic

A North American company has turned to the crowdfunding scene to raise cash for its hemp bioplastics venture.Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation (CIHC) has so far raised more than $1 million of a $5 million dollar target that will go towards building a factory to mass-produce plastic pellets made from agricultural waste – including hemp.The company says it has patent-pending technology featuring artificial intelligence to reduce cost and improve quality compared to existing global competitors, but that it would use high-throughput automated equipment already in use across Europe and Asia.

What would be North America’s first hemp plastic pellet production facility would replace imports from Europe and the facility will also produce hemp fiber.


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