Superette becomes DoorDash Canada's first merchant partner to launch cannabis pickup

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For the first time ever, DoorDash Canada will offer cannabis pickup on its app in partnership with Superette, a leading Canadian cannabis retail and lifestyle brand

Superette, a leading local cannabis retail and lifestyle brand, and DoorDash Technologies Canada Inc. (“DoorDash”), have entered into a partnership to provide cannabis pickup in Toronto, Canada. As the market leader for its differentiated approach to cannabis retail, Superette was a natural choice for DoorDash’s first foray into cannabis. With a proven track record for transforming cannabis retail shopping into an immersive experience, Superette will apply their creative approach to cannabis retail on the DoorDash marketplace app. 

Superette and DoorDash Canada both recognize the growing expectations of customers who want to access the best of their neighborhood through the convenience of an app. This partnership will address that growing demand by bringing Superette’s in-store shopping experience onto the DoorDash app. The partnership will give consumers access to curated menus and special collections that reflect the best of the locale in which each store is based.

“We are super excited to be able to partner with DoorDash to continue to transform how consumers engage with cannabis! In true Superette fashion, every element of the experience has been carefully considered with the goal of making our retail experience digital on the DoorDash platform.” – Drummond Munro

Superette embodies DoorDash’s mission to grow and empower local communities and partners with local restaurants and food banks, as well as sourcing from sustainable vendors. This launch brings together the best of both companies: the convenience of pre-ordering and picking up cannabis at your local store,  while also expanding Superette’s reach to DoordDash’s large customer base of DoorDash across Toronto.  

DoorDash and Superette will offer a compliant product to ensure that consumers are able to access the best of their neighborhood. Customers are age-gated, so only those customers who confirm that they are aged 19+ can view cannabis retail store information, cannabis products, or anything related to cannabis. Superette will verify IDs and strictly enforce maximum possession amount at the store during pickup.

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